/ Post by Nolan Lewis

Love is a journey, not a destination. You should possess the willingness to persevere in love against all odds during your love journey with your partner. However, long-lasting relationships cause much more trouble than we thought. The bond you both share should be strong enough to stand the test of time for peace to reign.

Every relationship has its good times and bad times. True love not only perseveres when things are going great for you and your partner but also when things get a bit rough and tough.

When your partner is no longer comfortable doing things you both used to do together, it means something is deficient in the relationship. Without effective communication in the relationship, you won’t understand your partner well enough. You can’t relate when they are happy or sad or tell the reason behind their silence. You become insensitive to their feelings and emotions.

These are times when the love you have for your partner is put to test. Your willingness to stick with your partner despite the challenges you both encounter shows how much they mean to you.

To avoid almost all of the fights between you two, take a look at these behaviors that could ruin your love now!

1) Lack of communication:

When there is no effective ground for communicating with your partner, they could easily fall out of love. When you begin a new relationship with your partner, there is usually an abundance of sharing. You find it exciting to talk to your partner about anything. But, when you stop doing those things you normally do with them, boredom sets in. Lack of communication will ruin your relationship with your partner. Improve your communication skills. Keep them in love.

2) Disrespect:

It is toxic to be in a relationship with someone that has no respect for you. If you are fond of disrespecting your partner, they will always find a reason to avoid you. When your partner starts avoiding you, it means they don’t value you anymore like they used to. Disrespect for your partner will ruin your relationship with them. Always treat your partner with respect, for it will make them respect and value you.

3) Dishonesty:

Honesty is the highest form of respect. Respect your partner enough to always tell them the truth. When you are always honest with your partner, they will have every reason to trust you. One lie can taint a million truths. If you tell a lie to your partner once and they find out the truth, it could make them doubt all the truths you have ever told them. Dishonesty will ruin everything you have built with your partner, so don’t!

4) Unfaithfulness:

Nothing ruins relationships faster than an unfaithful partner who sleeps around with others outside their relationship. Unfaithfulness is the highest form of betrayal. No one will tolerate unfaithfulness in their relationship. When you are committed to someone, don’t get involved in sexual activities with others. Doing so means you have absolutely no regard for your lover. If so, then let them go and be with someone that truly deserves them.

5) Inconsistency:

Consistency is everything. When you are always there for your partner when they need you, they will have every reason to trust you. They trust that you won’t one day disappear when they need you the most. No one will want to be in a relationship with someone who is one day with you and the next day somewhere else. Inconsistency weakens your relationship with your partner. No one appreciates an inconsistent partner. If you want a stable relationship with your partner, be consistent. It will make them always stay with you.

6) Inability to forgive:

No relationship is entirely perfect. We all have flaws and imperfections. These seeming imperfections are what make us unique. Unwillingness to forgive your partner when they make a mistake or do something wrong will make them avoid you. They become scared to make a mistake because you always condemn them rather than correct them. Always be willing to forgive your partner’s misdemeanor. Correct them with love rather than harsh criticism. It will make them willing to learn and do better.

8) Always ungrateful:

When you are aware of how much someone means to you, you appreciate them. You express gratitude for everything they do. When you are always grateful, it makes them want to do more. It comforts them knowing their efforts are being appreciated. No one will want to be in a relationship with an ungrateful partner who always finds fault in everything you do. Being ungrateful to your partner will make them fed up in the relationship. Always be grateful to your partner. Don’t forget to buy nice gifts for them just to let them know how important they are to you.

Nothing lasts forever, but true love does. True love is able to stand the test of time in spite of challenges. When you truly love someone, their happiness is all that matters to you. You could care less about the challenges as long as you both face them together. Try to keep these bad behaviors in your mind to avoid upsetting your partner.
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